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Script to recognize NI Number.

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I am using the following:

If((Right(NINumber;1) = "B" or Right(NINumber;1) = "A" or Right(NINumber;1) = "C" or Right(NINumber;1) = "D") and Length(i8) = 9;1;0)

to determine whether or not the entry in the i8 field is an NI Number. It outputs a 1 for JN473791D but a 0 for SG584332A. Why?

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I thought was something you beat with some shrubbery like in:

"Monty Python & the Quest for the Holy Grail"

But the expression could be written this way:

Position ( "abcde" ; Right ( NINumber ; 1 ) ; 1 ; 1 ) and Length(${8i})= 9

No need for iffing in vain, the ${ is due to the ignorance of the warnings made about propper naming of fields.


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