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Simple find based on date and a Y/N flag

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Building a very simple call back system and having a bit of trouble trying to find the records that meet the check, todays date with a N call back complete flag. What I have is this:

Table one:

Company (txt field)

First Name (txt field)

Last Name (txt field)

Table two:

call back date (date field)

call back by (txt field with drop list)

call back notes (txt field)

call back comp (txt field with drop down two option Y/N)

In the main table layout I simply have the "company, first and last name" then a "portal" that shows me the four field from table 2, this is sorted by the date (newest first)

I have set up the tables and relationshsip with ID keys and it shows me a history in the portal of call back dates, notes, who made it and if the call back has been completed with a Y/N reply.

In the portal I have set up a drop down calender and it all seems to work all work fine.

See the image below, as yet I have not design anything yet until I can get the thing to report (so ignore the simple look for now)

I want it to do two things (cant seem to make it work and to be honest not sure of the best way to do it) any advice would be great:

1. When FileMaker is launched it pops up with a dialoug box saying you need to call people back. It needs to search every record and list the "Company" and maybe a number or records that need to be called. The box only shows if the date is today or older and the call back complete flag is N

2. Have a button that can check the same as above and maybe do a list of the company and who needs to do the call back from the "action by" person (see image)

It must be simple but I cat see it, I'm still new to this :B


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You can get started by creating a calculation field in table 2, result text with the option 'do not store calc' checked and with the following calculation

Case(Get(CurrentDate)-call back date>-1 and call back comp ="N";"X";"")

This field will then contain an 'X' when the call back date is today or earlier and call back comp = 'n'.

You can do a find on this field or set up a relationship to it to determine if any records require attention

Hope that gets you started


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Thank you, I got it to put an "X" into that field so it works in terms of the calculation. But it does not put in an "N" but as I only need to find the vaule "X" that does not matter.

The problem I have now is I cant get it to find, what I would like it to do is I can create another layout and on that have a "portal" that lists only the entry that have the X in them. Can you give me some pointer how to do this.

Just got myself "FileMaker Pro 8 the missing manual" but not finding many answers.... yet.

Thank you.

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