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Search finding wrong items

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I'm using FM 8.03 and the database is on a server. I have two tables joined: people and address. If do a search for the city with records from the Address table (in other words, not relying on the related table), all is fine.

When I do a seach for city from the people layout, I'll get the correct entries, BUT ALSO I'll get some incorrect entries.

For instance, when I search for first name beginning with P, and in London, I'll get some people from Glasgow, Birmingham, and various other cities.

But when I did a test field using the Address table, then all was fine - so it has something to do with the linking between tables.

This works the same whether it is a manual search or with a script.


As always, all assistance is much appreciated.

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How are your tables related?

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If a given record has multiple related records, then the search will bring those as part of the found set.

So if the record with the name "Jenny" is related to the cities "London" and "Birmingham", but only "London" is visible through a related field, a search for "Birmingham" will still bring up Jenny's record.

Make sense?

I would recommend making a portal on a layout to see if the "incorrect" entries are because of a one (Jenny) to many (London, Birmingham) relationship.

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