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a portal from related calculations

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I'm working on a database solution for my babysitting business. Things are coming along nicely, but I'm having a problem showing data in a portal. The portal is based on the table occurence Job_SitterAvailability. The portal should show what sitters are available for a given job. The 2 tables have 2 joins: JobDate=AvailableDate (which shows what sitters are a availble for a job based on date) and YoungestChild_n > ChildOlderThan_n (which limits the available sitters based on the youngest age child they are willing to sit for versus the age of the client's youngest child.) Job_SitterAvailability portal works fine with just the date match, the child portion makes the whole table occurence not work though. I should mention that both YoungestChild_n and ChildOlderThan_n are calculations based on related tables. I may very well have "evaluate from the context of..." tables wrong, or maybe it's a relationship problem. I should mention that if I replace the calculations with number fields, it works fine.

I've attached a pretty bare-bones version of the file I'm working with. I highlighted the fields I think are relevant.

I hope someone can help me. This has been frustrating me for days.



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I got a little confused looking at your file. I think you need to lookup the sitter's age preference into the Availability table, so that it can be stored and used for a relationship. It's also sensible, in a way, since sitters can change their mind, and this will affect only future records in Availability.

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I tried what you suggested by making it a lookup, but that still didn't fix the Job_SitterAvailability portal. Thanks for the suggestion though.

I still need help. I'm not sure if the problem is in the relationship structure (Do I need a self-join?) or a problem with the related calculations that make up the relationship?

In the included file I highlighted the fields and portal that are most relevant.

Could anyone suggest any examples that base relationships on calculations from related tables?

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