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Jonathan Smith

Seed Code Gantt Charts - anyone familiar?

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I am working on customizing the free version of the Seed Code "CC Gantt Chart". In my "Contracts" section, each job is assigned a STATUS based on a calculation. I would like to use this status to set the color by which the item is displayed on the gantt chart. I have used Case and Choose functions, however, I am confused on how to change this status in the Gantt Chart settings. Can anyone help?

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Sure. The color of an item on the chart is based on its "status", recorded in the CCGanttData file's MilestoneKeyStatusName field. So as long as the status name in MilestoneKeyStatusName matches a status from the Settings tab, you'll see the color of that status.

So, I'm not completely sure I get what you're trying to do, but you can change MilestoneKeyStatusName into a calculated field if you wish or, perhaps more interestingly, change it into an Auto Enter calc. The reason an Auto Enter is more interesting is that we filter the gantt chart by status so MilestoneKeyStatusName needs to be an indexable field in order to keep this filtering working. An Auto Enter calc would let the milestone inherit its job's status at the time the milestone was created.

Another way to think about this is that you may have a status of the job and a separate status for each milestone. Going further, you could make the status of the job a calculation dependent upon the status of the milestones (or the last milestone) for that job. Feel free to post or email more details about where you're going and I'm sure we can work it out.

Hope that helps.

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