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combining -edit and -script tags

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you mentioned in that thread that you can't get calculations to do what needs to be done with scripts. i'm having the same problem, as my site uses 3 related databases and i use the "omit duplicates" script as defined in the manual, which i just can't find out how to do with calculations. are you going to stick with scripts and risk bad results?


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well, luckily for me we decided to stop doing what we were needing the script to do. We stopped for various reasons that didn't include the fact that scripts over the web aren't reliable. Now see the guy i replaced, who is probably as good, if not better than any moderator in this forum, knows how to run scripts from the web and do it safely. A work around type deal.

So why do i have this guy's job now? Well, i'm less expensive and more reliable. This guy maybe a genius when it comes to programming and almost any application, but you can count on him kinda like you would count on the U.S. Presidency making it a whole term without some kind of scandal coming out. It just doesn't happen (though, now we have a shot with 'Dubya' ).

So what's the work-around, i'm sure everyone wants to know. . . well, i'll tell you when i can get it out of him. . . But atleast we know it can be worked around. Hopefully FMI will just do something about it soon.


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This topic is 8528 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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