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finding instances?

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I want to find record occurances of (instances) of a particular criteria e.g...

I have 500 contacts and want to find instances that include bob in the name field.

But this is what I want to do...

Search for Bob goto 1st instance but also be able to browse the previous or next records surrounding this instance that don't necessarily have bob in them but then I want to click to the next or previous instance of bob and again browse the surrounding records.

Any ideas?

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If you open a new window, you can have different found sets. So you can have one that displays all the records with Bob in it and then you can have a button on the record that when you click it, opens a new window that goes to the specific record that you clicked on but that displays all the records. This way you can navigate a record forward/backwards while still maintaining the found 'Bob' records in thw background window.

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