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I was just playing around with FM for a while and mentioned that it might be a better way of tracking out business to my boss.

Now, all the sudden, this is a project that needs to be done yesterday, regardless of the fact that I have no experience with database design.

Our needs are fairly simple, so I decided to tweak one of the templates, but I am having some problems.

In the registration template (FM 8.5 for Mac) there are 3 tables defined. In the relationships area, there are all these other tables used to relate things to one another. I have no idea where they came from or how to edit them.

I am trying to create a relationship in the contacts area that shows the location of the course a contact is registered for. For whatever reason, it's not working.

The only other thing that I need to at least be functional is a way to keep a running total of how many people are registered for each location. I tried to do a summary, but the way this template is put together, it isn't easy to figure out what to summarize.


I am attaching the file. Hopefully it is clear what I want to do. The problems are in red.

Oh, and it's not really a gif. After you download it, change the file extension to .fp7 and it will be fine.

Thanks in advance


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The download gets stucked somewhat, why won't you use the propper way of uploadeing it, as a .zip?? On a mac is selection of the file and then click-crlr making a popup show up, here do choose the 9th choise saying something about "...compress" and re-upload the file here by say modifying your previous post.


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You need a Calc field in the Registration table Count(FieldInTheRelatedTable) to give the number of registrations for each event.

And you need to add an extra relationship to pull the Event Location through to the Registration table.

Hope this helps


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A couple of quick thoughts:

1. Since you want to track how many people are at specific locations, and given that there will be a finite number of locations, I would create a value list to be used as s drop-down or popup list (like you did with your Paid/Unpaid) with the location names. That way nobody misspells one and messes up your tally.

2. The reason you are having trouble with the location field showing up in the portal is that you need to link that field that is not connected to your current Table Occurrence (TO). I assume you can link it from the Events TO.

3. There must be several ways to count how many records there are for each location. I will defer to someone who knows more than me to give you the best way.

This might get you started, since you needed it yesterday and probably didn't sleep much last night.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I don't know anything about developing databases, but I did sleep at the Holiday Inn Express last night.

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