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Kevin Cheesman

More and more layouts open :-(

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I've made a popup layout that list customers I have to recall - this is open from my main layout. When I click on their name in the list (I use go to layout to go to my main layout), it shows the correct records but in another instance of the main layout. How do I go to my main form showing the record I've chosen from the popup without more and more copies on my main layout opening.


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This feature is missing since you can select "New window" with the Go to related record action, but you can't select an existing window.

You have to script everything.

In this case (a very common one), the LayoutProperties system is making things much easier, since a layout can be configured as being in a unique window.

You can then go to related record (main layout), and use the included "Display Layout". It's a snap.

More info...

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