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Fixing an invoice summary to bottom of page

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Not sure how to give this a subject but here's what I'm trying to do. I've got a typical quotation system, separate header table contains name, address, date, along with subtotal, taxes, shipping, etc.

I'd like to produce a layout that will handle multiple pages. The problem I've got is trying to only display the subtotal, taxes, shipping, comment, etc. on the bottom of the last page. I've tried:

A) using a trailing grand summary but this floats. I can't get it pinned down to the bottom of the page.

B putting these fields into a footer, but this means these fields appear on every page. I only want them on the last page.

I can't 'count' the number of lines on the quote because I've allowed for multiple lines of data per row by adding a notes field for each detail record which is displayed below the description. (i.e. each detail record can be either 1 line or multiple lines if there are notes)

Is there a way to figure out where the start of a trailing grand summary is on the page? If so, I could create a calculated field with 1-x carriage returns in it to fill up the space to get the trailing grand summary to appear in the correct position.

It's like I'm looking for a reverse of the "Sliding up based on..." I want it the slide down based on...

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