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Productive Computing, Inc.

Productive Computing, Inc. Releases Core² CRM Software for FileMaker Pro

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San Diego, CA – May 22, 2007 - Productive Computing, Inc., a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, announced the release of Core² CRM for FileMaker Pro. Core² CRM is the perfect multi-user, cross-platform solution for getting your company's data centralized, organized and secured.

Built using the award winning FileMaker Pro database engine, the Core² CRM allows you and your entire organization to intuitively manage all your company and individual contacts, letters, faxes, and e-mail correspondence history, group calendaring, employee task lists, letter and e-mail campaigns, notes and associated documents.

The Core² CRM is the successor to the original “Core” Contact Management Solution with some major enhancements. Some of the enhancements include:

• Pre-programmed to exchange contact, mail, tasks and calendar data with Microsoft Outlook, contact data with QuickBooks, and contact data with the Macintosh OSX Address Book.

• A more advanced tab interface using the tab interface tool introduced in FileMaker Pro 8 which simplifies layout management and makes it easier to add custom modules to the system.

• New schema provides improved functionality for databases where contacts are person/individual-centric while simultaneously offering enhanced organizational/company-centric functionality.

• Flexible linking between individuals and organizations, including individuals to individuals, individuals to multiple organizations and organizations to organizations.

• Track an unlimited number of Internet-type addresses (e.g., web, e-mail, AIM, Skype, etc).

• Track all correspondence (e.g., letters, faxes, e-mails, notes, tasks, and calendar events) in one portal with filtering.

• An intuitive menu bar for navigation throughout the system in addition to an updated interface design.

• Enhanced correspondence-based activities and mail merge functionality.

• Enhanced mail campaign management.

• New import function accepts a standard delimited file making the process of importing from other systems quick and flexible while properly linking related information.

• Optional modules such as project management and invoicing are available for further customization and expansion.

“This vastly enhanced customer relationship management solution leverages some of the newest features of FileMaker Pro which increases the flexibility, expandability and usability of the solution for end users as well as other developers who customize the Core² CRM for their own customers. In addition, it extends the reach of FileMaker Pro to coordinate and work with other popular desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook, QuickBooks and the Macintosh OSX Address Book to provide a completely centralized and organized solution.” – CFO, Keith Larochelle

A site license of Core² CRM is priced at $349.95 and can be bundled with discounted copies of FileMaker Pro licenses. Reseller program available.

Core² CRM is native to and compatible with FileMaker Pro 8 or later.

Please visit http://www.core2crm.com/index.php?ID=190 for video tutorials and a downloadable demo of the Core² CRM software solution.

Other plug-ins and solutions available from Productive Computing, Inc.:

* Outlook SendMail Plug-in:

Sends plain text or HTML formatted e-mails with multiple attachments while suppressing the Outlook security dialog.


* Outlook Manipulator Plug-in:

Exchange data with Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Journal, Post Items and Mail.


* Exchange Client Manipulator Plug-in:

Contains all of the functionality of the Outlook Manipulator, plus the added functionality to access Exchange Server's Public Folders.


* Exchange Manipulator Plug-in:

Contains all of the functionality of the Outlook Manipulator, plus the added functionality to access multiple Exchange mailboxes and Exchange Server's Public Folders.


* FM Books Connector Plug-in (for use with QuickBooks):

Allows you to exchange data between QuickBooks® and FileMaker Pro using only a handful of script steps that do not require any knowledge of XML!


* OS X Address Book Manipulator Plug-in:

Provides a lightning fast two-way data exchange between FileMaker Pro and Apple's OS X Address Book®.


* Entourage Manipulator Plug-in:

Exchange data within Microsoft Entourage® (OS X) Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Mail.

* SendFax Plug-in:

The SendFax Plug-in allows you to fax documents directly from your FileMaker database applications.

* Calendar Pop-up Plug-in:

Enter dates, date ranges, and times into your fields with a pop-up interface that includes a year at a glance and a side-by-side mini calendar for entering date ranges.

* PDF Manipulator Plug-in:

Exchange data between FileMaker Pro and Adobe Acrobat PDF files that have embedded form fields.

* eSign Signature Capture Plug-in:

This plug-in allows you to digitally capture and bind signatures to information stored in a FileMaker Pro database.

* Biometric Plug-in:

Add additional security to your solutions by incorporating fingerprint authentication.

* Multi-User Calendar v4 solution:

Built from the ground up as a single file in FileMaker Pro 7 and FileMaker Pro 8 native format, it covers all the basic needs of individual and team scheduling and task management. It is useful as a powerful add-on to an existing or new FileMaker Pro based system.

* IT Asset Inventory solution:

Catalog and label your entire organization's IT assets in one central database solution including Hardware, Software, Users, and Passwords.

For more information and downloadable demos of these plug-ins and solutions, visit: http://www.productivecomputing.com/index.php?ID=201

About Productive Computing, Inc.

Productive Computing, Inc. is a leading provider of custom software and plug-in solutions based on FileMaker Pro. Its mission is to help customers create efficiency through the use of intuitive multi-user database systems. Productive Computing, Inc. was started in 1996 and is one of only a few companies in the United States to have earned the highly respected and exclusive Platinum level membership within the FileMaker Business Alliance.

Productive Computing, Inc.

950 Boardwalk, Suite 205

San Marcos, CA 92078



(760) 510-1200

Press Contacts:

Productive Computing, Inc.

Keith Larochelle

(760) 510-1200


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I have to tip my hat at these new releases I Got to see a live demo of the New Core2 CRM at last Month's Pug meeting. It is an excellent choice for any one needing a contact management system.

My other favorite is the File Manipulator Plug in works perfectly. I love the fact that when creating a file multiple levels deep it will auto create all the directories in that path if they don't exist!

My next adventure is the FMBooks Connector... :

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