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Dynamic Valuelists on the web

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I've seen a few posts that touch on this, but the consensus seems to be the dynamic valuelists (i.e. valuelists whose content is based on a choice from a previous valuelist) don't work with the FileMaker companion.

I have a database with dynamic valuelists that works fine within the FMP5 client, so I know that end of things is OK.

Background: I have four fields: Platform, OS, Machine_Name and Image_Name, with the values in each successive field dependent on the previous choice.

Obviously, I can't display all those fields on a single web page as I can in FMP and have the valuelists display properly. My question is this: is there a workaround that would allow me, for example, to fill in the "platform" field on the first page, click continue to go to a second page with the proper dynamic choices of the "OS" field based on the previous "Platform" choice and so on....

Perhaps this is possible with token passing or something? I'm not sure. I fiddled around a bit with tokens, but didn't have much luck, but surely someone's run into the same dilemma and (hopefully!) has a solution!

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!



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Conditional statements will help eg

[if: (Field: 'machine_type')=='Mac']

Show the mac value list (or HTML popup!)

[Else:If: (Field: 'machine_type')=='Win']

Show the Windows valuelist (or HTML popup!)


Show another value list


I have used Lasso If here I think you add FMP- before the If, Else:If and Else for CDML eg [FMP-If: something] but you'll have to check this.

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This topic is 8462 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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