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John Kornhaus

zippTools releases free zippScript 2.2 update; launches web site

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San Antonio, TX–July 12, 2007

zippTools is pleased to announce an update to the premier free script-triggering and script-scheduling tool, zippScript v2.2. It is available for immediate download from our new web site, http://www.zipptools.com.

What is zippScript?

zippScript is a plug-in for FileMaker Pro® that adds easy yet powerful event-based tools to your programming toolbox. Simply add a zippScript trigger in a calculation dialog to:

- Perform a script when a field is modified

- Perform a script when a record is committed

- Perform a script when a field is displayed

- Perform a script when the mouse is over a field (FM8 and later)

- Call a script with a calculated name

- Schedule a script to be performed at a specific date and time

... and much more!

New in version 2.2

- Perform a script after a specified period of no user activity

System Requirements

FileMaker Pro 7 and later; Mac OS X (PPC), Mac OS X (Intel) or Windows.

zippScript is provided free of charge to the FileMaker community. See the license information included in the example file for further details.


John Kornhaus



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Thanks for your continuence in providing us with such great tools John!

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