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Linking 2 Filemaker files

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My Unit uses a filemaker database created by my predecessor.

We have a contacts file which contains a calculation field which gathers fields for Firstame Surname & address and presents them as an address label.

Our Job Daybook still has us inputting these details manually. How can I get a link so that a PIN number can be entered in Daybook and the calculated address appears on the Daybook screen,

I would expect staff to begin to remember PINs of regular clients, enter PIN and see adress appear - for those not so regular or new clients, check the contacts file for the PIN to enter...

Is this readily achievable for a non-programmer? I do have a few filemaker books and have linked files before, but maybe this calculated address field will not be transferrable?

Thanks in advance...

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Each contact should have a unique key. This is usually an auto generated serial number key. This could be your PIN number for each contact.

Then in each record in your Job Daybook you would need a field that stores the contactID or PIN. You will need to create a relationship from this field to the Unique key field in the contacts file. Once you have done that, you could just place the related field contact info and address on the Job Daybook layout.

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