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Mary Wildavsky

Creating Contacts table for database.

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I need to create a table of contacts which covers

a) Title=Mr. or Ms., first name, last name =A, ;

: Mr & Mrs., first name, last name=A (include spouses name somewhere for reference);

c) Title=Mr. first name, last name=A & Mr. first name, last name=B;

d)Title=Ms. first name,last name=A & Ms. first name last name=B, e) Title = Mr. first name, last name=A and Ms. first name, last name=B.

Then I must be able to produce mailing labels appropriately i.e. Mr & Mrs... or Mr. A & Mr. B...Mr. A & Ms. B....at (address).

I am confused. Do I have to make multiple records or can there be one record per family.

Appreciate any suggestions. I am a beginner.

Thank you.

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Thank you so much. I will follow up your suggestions.

(have you tried Hangar Onehttp://fmforums.com/forum/skins/Crisp/icons/tongue.gif)? locally produced in Alameda - Bay Area, CA)


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