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print all found records but based on language different layout ?

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Here is my problem: Before I used to use one input language.

Printing multiple records of a find result was easy : These were my steps B)

go to layout ...

sort records

print setup

print : with option records being browsed

Today I added language options.

Say one customer could be FR and an other UK

Based on the language the invitation letter is different.

How to impliment this in my printing script ?

Taking into account that is a found set.

Say I have 1000 customer

I do a searh on whatever : result 10 custumers

But these 10 can be FR or UK !

And I need to print only these 10

Kind regards

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This is the basic idea. Use a looping script to print one at a time rather than print all records and you can then decide which layout to print based on the language

Sort Records

print setup

Go to record first


If languge = UK

Go to layout UK

elsif Language = Fr

Go to layout French


Print:with option being current record

Go to record next(exit after last)




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