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duplicating record mixes up log entries

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Hi there!

I have a contact db with a contact table and a related contactLog table.

Now I wanted to duplicate a record as I had a new contact (Let's say: Mr. Smith) related to the same company with the same address as another one (let's say: Mr. Miller) I already had in files and changed only the name and phone number.

Well, now I started to make entries in the log to Mr. Smith's data and afterwards I got the shock: The same Log entry I made for Mr. Smith was also added to the Log of Mr. Miller.

How can I resolve that bug? I attach the relationship graph of the two tables in question.




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Sounds like you are also duplicating the key field in the Contacts table, so it sees the related Log entry as well.

It also sounds like your data model is all wrong. You should have three tables, at least:













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