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Empty File Related to Main Data File


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I'm looking for some advice.

Currently I have to work with 2 FM files. One is hosted on FMServer and FM Clients connect to it on our internal network.

There is a 2nd file that is hosted on FMServer Advanced using instant web publishing that is available to the world. The second file is for people to fill out a questionnaire. I take that data from that file export it and import it into the first file. then remove the records from the 2nd file. This is for HIPAA (HIPPA) security reasons.

Would it be possible to setup a file on the external/web server that can be hosted with IWP but all the data goes straight into my main file.

Or would you Pros recommend I do it a different way? I just trying to evaluate my option currently but in my head the empty file feading the main file sounds like it should be easy but I could be fooling myself.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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I may be totally off base here. But could you not have the users enter the answers into Globals and have a submit button that calls a script in the Main file to import the values from the global fields. The clear all the globals when done.

The submit script could also check to make sure all the questions are filled in using a If Is Empty.


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This topic is 6134 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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