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Layout for Mini DV Tape Jackets


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I have used filemaker for Mini DV tape jacket labeling at previous employer. Is there a plug-in or a custom layout for this? I think they had a custom lay out that you could edit information like tape number, format, audio… I have tried looking for different post but have not come up with the information I need. Does anyone know how to format the text so that it would be perpendicular on the ½ inch spin of the mini DV tape jacket? I figured out if I shrink the text box the lettering goes vertical. But that is not what I need. I need the text in a normal horizontal layout where it can be rotated ninety degrees. Can that be editable?

I am defiantly new at this and need some help.


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I deleted your other post. Please do not double-post. Almost all of us read the Recent Topics, so we will see it no matter which forum it's in. Duplicate posts cause a confusion of answers.

I don't really know what a Mini DV tape jacket looks like. But you can build a great variety of layouts in FileMaker. There are a number of built-in choices for "labels"; maybe one of those would be the right size.

Create a new Layout, in Layout mode. Choose Label as the type. Choose a label. There is also a Custom area, to enter your own measurements.

Or just make your own, by dragging the header and body to the right size. There are also settings for how many columns.

The trick is to get the header the right size, so that with the page margins (required by most printers), everything comes out right after printing several. Otherwise you can get the 1st few right, but the text tends to "creep" off the label. FileMaker is limited to dimension changes of 1 pixel (.014 in.).

You can rotate text 90°, with the Rotate command, in the Arrange menu, in Layout mode. You must be in Layout mode to create and modify layouts. When you double-click the text, it rotates back to horizontal temporarily so you can edit it.

As far as modifying the data, well, that would likely be data in records, which you put on the labels; assuming the different labels are going to be different? If you've never created a field before, let us know.

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This topic is 6131 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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