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Relation and lookup

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I am trying to re do our company job database and am stuck on something I think should be simple.

I have a job order table that relates to our customer table. With a new order being input, I would like the person who enters the order to be able to start typing the customer name, and it would fill in by looking to the customer table.

Well it is not working, I have a parent and child key to set the relationship. Tried setting the field as a dropdown list, which works but then non of the other fields are populating with the related data.

Probably something simple i am missing. Am a bit rusty, havent used FM since v5.

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I tried that with no luck...

I think maybe my relationship is not set up right?

As an example:

I have a key value which is say customerID in the customer table. and a customerIDfk in the new job table. These are related.

In the field of the Job Table, I type in the name of the customer and it should narrow down a list from the customer table. The other fields I have set up phone, address, etc. should show up when tabbing to the next field.

That is how I understood it to work. So far, I get zilch.

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