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Steve Maser

fms_9.01v1_R2 -- how to get/find?

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Hi! I'm having some odd issues with the Admin Console having just installed FileMaker Server 9 on my 10.4.10 xserve and noticed a couple of posts referring to "fms_9.01v1_R2".

Where can I get this to see if uninstalling what I have and reinstalling this works?

(My general problem is that I uninstalled Server 8, then installed server 9 -- I could configure Server 9 -- until I restarted. After I restarted, I can log into the server admin console app, but it says my server isn't started -- but the computer *is* serving files!)

I've uninstalled Server 9, rebooted and reinstalled it, and I get the same thing -- I can run server admin console until I reboot.

I'd like to try this "R2" -- anybody help a server admin out?


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OK, to reply to my own post: I got "R2" by downloading the "trial" installer from FileMaker's web site and installed that.

But my problem still exists: I uninstalled R1, rebooted, and installed R2.

*until I stop the server* -- I can do anything with the console application. I can modify settings, quit and relogin to the console app, etc.

But as soon as I "stop server" via the console app, I can't get back into it to do anything. Rebooting the server clearly starts the admin process, but I can't connect to it -- even from the command line:

???~ root# fmsadmin -v

FileMaker Server

Copyright© 1994 - 2007 FileMaker, Inc. All rights reserved.

fmsadmin: Version 9.0v1

fmsadmin: Connection Refused: Server is unavailable.

fmsadmin: Permission denied.

Error: 9

But it's clearly running as "top" shows:

61 fmservicew 0.0% 0:00.06 1 27 47 568K 4.68M 10.6M 72.8M

163 fmserverd 0.0% 0:13.87 32 143 198 77.5M 19.2M 85.9M 157M

157 fmserver_h 0.0% 0:00.15 15 55 102 1.40M 16.4M 7.80M 63.6M

and I can see my databases from my clients.

I get the same behavior if I turn my server firewall *off*.

I'm looking for a clue here. Anybody got any?


- Steve

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I figured this out:

There's some kind of "character length" issue around the

account/password combination you set for the console app.

For example, my password that I was using has 27 (!) characters.

If I used the account "admin" and that 27-character password? I could

modify things with Console Admin -- even after rebooting.

Change the account name to "administratortwo" and keep the password?

No longer could I modify anything.

Uninstall and reinstall the program: Keep the account name as

"administratortwo", but set a *15* character password? Everything


There's some magic number (which I'm not going to waste time figuring

out) whereby if the login/password length is too long, then you can't

modify anything with Console admin (*or in the Terminal*!) after

rebooting, but you *can* immediately after installation.

I don't know if this is limited to the OSX version alone or is a

problem with the Windows version.


But I've been able to reproduce this on 3 machines now (and have

submitted this as a bug as it's not in the KB anywhere that I could


Just a heads up for anybody doing this.

- Steve

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I just experience the same problem, submitted a bug report.

This was on a fairly new Mac Mini (it's just an internal office dev. server), OS 10.5.4, FMSA

(FYI was using 10-character name, 9-character pwd.)

Uninstalled FMSA and then restarted and reinstsalled. So far it is working normally.

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