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Set fmp field value to webviewer


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when you say trigger the submit do you mean through a script or something?

that is not possible that i know of.

if you just mean so that the user can interact with the web viewer, there is an option for that if you double click the web viewer in layout mode, you can set this.

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Most of the time, when using a webviewer, I bypass the submit by entering the submit string into the webviewer. (this does assume that the search or form submit request can be calculated within filemaker)

Example (I use this to standardize addresses with usps.com, it bypasses the form and goes strait to the result)

"http://zip4.usps.com/zip4/zcl_0_results.jsp?firmname=&address1=&address2=" & table::Address & "&city=" & table::City & "&state=" & table::St & "&zip5=" & table::Zip & "&urbanization="

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yes some websites like usps or fedex , you can get the result with url string method bypassing submit button. but many websites, url-string doesn't work i guess that is because it is hidden.

what do we do if url-string method don't work ?

according to todd geist from geist-interactive,inc , it is possible , if they do some custom work with their mbs plug in. but it cost a bit.

i wonder if i know the input value , if i use post method , will it cause the website display result page or not ?

anybody know about this ?



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scan the source code for the site, look for the submit command, you can often find the string there. The only exceptions I have come across are .asp pages. I have had success in using this method even if you don't normally see it. It works just as well if it's not hidden.

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I can't, really, once you find the url string for a site. It works just like all other URL strings in a webviewer. You need to find the URL it is submited to like:


then you need to add the variables that are used like: firmname, address1, address2, ... (from my example above.)

add the "&" between the variables, add the filemaker feilds for the values, and it should work. (I know this isn't really easy but it can be done, the hardest part is finding all the pieces in the html code, and from what you have told me the info is there.)

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This topic is 6106 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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