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New to file maker


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Hi Kurth,

Welcome :B

It depends on what you're question is... just pick a forum you think is most appropriate and post there, if worst comes to worst a moderator will always move it to a more appropriate location.

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Welcome to the Forum.

I moved your question to this Topic because, it was more of an inquiry, than a Question about FileMaker

You can find additional information on how use the forum in the FAQ in the Help Button in the Menu.


Read the Topic titles, and their short descriptions.

Use the Search Button to look for previous question about your problem (In the Advance Search Box, click on the question mark under Keywords for how to Search). You will find that there are very few question that haven't already been asked, the trick is to find them. The question mark will help you, but you still need to pick the keywords for your question. For the best results, use the plus sign with each word (i.e. +Date +Time +Auto +Enter), which will limit, or narrow the responses to questions having those words in them, or their replies.

How you ask your question is also important.

Be sure you have explain your question fully. Try to keep it concise, and include anything you have tried that didn't work.

Use [color:blue]your field names, script names, layout names, etc.

Tell us what you are trying to accomplish

Use the topic for a Function and Feature whenever possible. i.e. a question on Scripts belongs in Scripts, no matter what version you are using.

The Functions and Features are for all Versions, so it doesn't matter which one you are using, if the question is on Scripts, it belongs in Scripts, not in the General Topic Area for v8.5 or 9, etc..

Although we answer questions from all skill levels, you owe it to the Forum to know something about FileMaker. So, start by reading the Manuals that came with your disk. Take FileMaker for a test run by playing with functions and features. Create a file or two. Create some different types of fields and investigate the options for them. Make some new layout, and create a new Table. Set up a relationship, etc.

FileMaker has a reputation for being easy to use and learn. However, it still has a learning curve, and depending on your knowledge of databases, etc., you might want to purchase some of the after-market books on FileMaker, subscribe to a few sites for learning FileMaker. You will find some good recommendations in the Resource Topic Areas, and in the User Group Topic areas.



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