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Lots of Runtime questions!


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1. I want to create a church management database that is a runtime. I have several separate database already started (eg. Budget, Worship Organization, Counseling, Member Directory, etc.) I want these all together. So first, can I merge these tables into one big database? Secondly, and more importantly, how should I set it up?

I think I want to create a layout that automatically is the layout you see when you open the Runtime. This would be the "home screen" so to speak. Then I would create buttons that lead to each of the other tables within this database app. Is that a good approach for Runtime?

2. I see that I can do Excel export in Runtime, but not PDF. Is there a Script you can create to make the save as PDF happen anyways?

3. I created much of this already with Mac. Is there a fast way to do it also in Windows, or do I really have to redo everything!?

4. I don't know of any other way to produce this Church Management Database for churches in any other way than as a Runtime. Suggestions? I'm not a computer developer guy. I just learned how to use FM, like it's capabilities, and know how to use it. The problem is, not every church as FM! Suggestions?

Thanks for all the help!

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1. Yes, you can have many tables in one FM file.

1a. How to set it up...well, that's quite an open-ended question..

A layout devoted to a Main Menu is very common. Some people create a table MainMenu that never has records just to use for this layout.

2. Nope, no PDF in runtimes without a plug-in.

3. FM is cross-platform. Nothing to re do when you move it to Windows. However, sometimes you need to tweak the fonts and layouts a bit when moving over. You will need to create separate runtimes for Windows and Macintosh. They must be created on the platform for which they are intended.

4. Well, if the ultimate customer is not looking for a multi-user database, then a runtime solution is a good idea. However, bundling FM with the solution might also be an option.

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This topic is 6099 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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