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2 questions re: finding people in database


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I have a client database with which I am regularly searching first or last names to get to a particular record. At the moment I simply enter find mode and type the name in the field and search. While this works, I would like to create a slightly more "elegant" solution. I would like a find button to open a new window with fields for first and last name. The fields would have the Auto Compete function turned on and I would like the last names to be filtered to only include those that match the first name entered. I.e. You enter "John" in the first name field, and the only auto complete options that come up for the last name are the last names for clients called John. Any ideas?

Also, I am stuggling with the code for the "perform find button" it would need to close the search window, and then perform the find in the original main window. It is probably a simple thing, but I am struggling to work it out!

Any help would be appreciated. If anyone knows of an open source example I could integrate (I'm sure I saw one on here somewhere) I would be happy with that too!


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Take a look at Kevin Franks "State-Awareness" application:



Filtered Portals by New Century Data


I employ both solutions in my app and they work quite well.


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This topic is 6084 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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