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Generate Powerful FileMaker Driven PDF Reports from the Web

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One of the biggest complaints that I hear daily is "I cannot print from the web"! Add FileMaker and dynamic data to the mix and it can drive you completely Looney. Until.... (pause for dramatic effect)

The FMStudio PDF Generator - (For those of you who can't wait, here is a quick movie)


FMStudio PDF Generator official page: http://www.fmwebschool.com/fmstudio_pdf.php

Here is how the PDF Generator works. You have a FileMaker driven website with tables of data and charts, all displaying LIVE data from FileMaker. You would like to print that page - or better yet in one click, save that page as a beautifully formatted PDF and let people download or print the page.

The FMStudio PDF Generator simply steps in and enables you to add page breaks, formats your page and within seconds produces a beautiful PDF document or Multi Page report - each page nicely numbered.

Just to prove how powerful the FMStudio PDF module is, I've included 2 movies - one movie is a little more detailed demonstration of the database and website used. The second is a 20 minute movie where I build a 4 page report from scratch.

Movie 1 - Longer Demo


Movie 2- Building the site from scratch - This movie requires a nice brief introduction.

This is not a simple page - but I created a page with multiple tables, portals, centered tables with colored table cells, dynamic images - pasted images - generated a live chart - Dreamweaver elements and text formatting. So grab a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy!


In Kindness

Stephen K Knight


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This topic is 6083 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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