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Invisible Button script

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I have a script that runs to check fields to make sure that everything has been updated. If everything is correct after the script runs. I’d like an invisible button to become visible that the user can click on for the next step.

Thanks for your help,


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Just a quick thought.

How about:


set fill color to your background color

set text color to your background color

Then if the field has a value it would show up.

Hope that gives you something to work with.


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I have only played around with the Version 9 trial... but as far as I know they haven't added this feature. I see you can change the Fill Color or Text color but could not change the line color or the edge formatting (Engraved, Embossed etc.). Plus the button will still highlight when clicked on.

If you can live with the Black Highlighting simply MyContainerCalc = If(This Condition; MyButtonGraphic) would work better than changing the Text color and fill color IMO.

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This can be done with a portal.

Add these two fileds to your table. They do not have to be on the table layout itself.

constant calculation = 1

Condcalc calculation = case( IsEmply(the field that state that everything has been completed);"";1)

Create a self join relationship using these two fields.

condcalc = constant

Make a portal with this relationship. Use the same baack ground on the table layout that you want to display the buttom.

install your button into the portal.

add this to your script that checks to see if all fileds are completed.

If[relation name: field = 1]

set field [ your field ; ""]


set field [ your field; 1]

end if

What this does is when constant is your field are both equal to 1 then the button is visible. When your field is is empty then the button is not visible.

I have attached a file.



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Hi Lionel,

That works great and I thank you for the information and expecially the file. That really helped me to understnad it.

I've found I have one problem. Where I'm using this the files are checked for "Must Entry" fields. Any fields that are left blank have *************** inserteded into them. Your script picks that up as a finished field and shows the portal. One other problem is one of the fields holds a "math test" like 5+2= and you must enter 7 to continue. I'm sure if someone enters the wrong number, again the portal will be shown.

Is there a way around this or do I need to come up with another way of doing this?


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This topic is 6063 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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