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Import folder failure

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Running FM9.0 Adv on XP

For almost 3 years I have been using a scripted Import Folder to suck up one or more .csv files (renamed as .txt, of course) that come in daily. On Nov. 1 it worked, on Nov. 2 it failed with "FMP Adv has encountered a problem and needs to close.

Updating to 9.0v2 Adv. didn't help. I deleted 9.0 and re-installed 8.5 Adv. Now it has the same problem ! re-installed 9.0Adv - same problem.

Import file works OK, but even a simple one-field table, and a 'manual' import folder fails.

The only thing that changed, that I know of, is that a System Restore was done just before the failures started. Maybe some system dll that FM uses is missing? If do, I would think that the installation would have provided it.

Suggestons?? I'm dead in the water on a production database.

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Thanks for the suggestions, aldipalo.

Yes, I ran ckdsk on all drives. I even created a new FM database on another drive, put a different .txt file on it, and tried to use the Import Folder via command. FMP still bombs out.

So it isn't the import file, or folder or even drive -- something is screwy with FMP.

Since it also happens now with 8.5, I strongly suspect FMP is depending on some Win system resource that is missing or corrupt.

Very frustrating. I looked at doing a Win System Repair from the installation CD, but it looks unworkable (likely to wipe my HDD).

New files coming in daily, and no way to Import Folder. Really don't want to reinstall XP and all apps



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Still no joy re: repairing Win XP, but I changed the approach to avoid the failing "import folder" command when importing multiple .csv files.

I had been using a .bat script to rename the .csv to .txt, then doing an "import folder", pulling each .csv file into a separate record. Then I concatenated them all, and exported as one file. Then used "import file" to get the individual rows into records of a pre-processing table.

Now I use a .bat script to "Copy" the .csv files into one file, and "import file" that.

Simpler than the old way, actually, so maybe the failure was a benefit :)-0

Thanks for the suggestions.

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This topic is 6064 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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