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Robert Collins

Creative use of a tool tip

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I have recently been finding useful ways of using tooltips . I have a use for one, but I just can't work out how to execute it.

In one table I have a field showing a numeric value (a £ amount) and in a related product table I have products that have a retail price . I would Like the tooltip in the first table (sales) to show all the product descriptions that retail up to the amount in the sales field


sales Field = £270

tooltip shows products (stored in Product table) that retail from £0 to £270 and not above.

I'm not sure if this is too ambitious

Any help would greatly be appreciated


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It's going to be impossible to do with Filemaker 7. I'll assume you have an Advanced version of 8 or higher.

You need a second table occurance of the Product table. Relate it to the Sales table like,

Sales::Sales Field > Products::Price

You'll probably want to sort that relationship, by Price or Description.

If you have 8A, you'll need a custom function like GetNthRecordSet() to simulate what List() does in 8.5A and 9A.

And set the tooltip to List(Products2::Description).

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