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Two calculations for one field

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I have a field, that returns a calculated value for a person’s age, using the calculation:

(Date of procedure - Date of birth) / 365

I would like the number in the age field to turn (for example) red if the persons age is over 70 yrs old, or under 1 year old.

I have tried adding:

Case (persons age>70; TextColor (persons age ; RGB (255 ; 0 ; 0 ) ); Evaluate ( persons age ) )

But my attempts fail, mostly FileMaker says there is a “operator missing”

Could someone please help with the next step to follow my existing calculation?


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How about simply:

Let (

age = ( Date of procedure - Date of birth ) / 365


Case ( age < 1 or age > 70 ; TextColor ( age ; RGB ( 255 ; 0 ; 0 ) ) ; age )


BTW, to calculate the approximate age you should use 365.2425 instead of 365 (leap years!) - or use the formula here to determine the exact age:


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