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simple percentage help

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I feel kind of dumb even asking but I need too.

I have a startfield and and endfield.

I need to know what percent the endfield is of the startfield.

startfield = 50

endfield = 25

I know its 50% but i'm not sure how to write this in FileMaker


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Thanks for helping me. I guess my question should have been a little different. I didn't ask for what I really ended up needing.

I ended up going with this.

Let ( [$$mid = Start - End] ; $$mid / Start * 100 & "%"


Thank again you did help me out.

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Well, that actually answers what percentage of Start is the difference.

However, I would suggest:

1. Do not use $$variables in a Let() function, unless you need them elsewhere;

2. Instead of multiplying by 100 and appending the % sign, make the result a Number and format the field to display as percentage.

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