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Hello, this may seem odd but I have a inventory table and an inventorySOLD table.

We enter stuff that comes in into the inventory table and the stuff we sell on the inventorySOLD table. They are pretty much Identical tables, so I want to create a custom find that will find all records in the inventory table that are not the same as the records in the inventorySOLD table. So it would look something like this

Click a button

Perform a script

Script would find anything not equal in the Inventory::Serial Number and InventorySOLD::Serial Number

Seems confusing, but it would allow us to see what we have in stock, because anything not equal would still be in our inventory and anything equal would mean it was sold.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks - Jeff

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You could have a calc in your Inventory table, flag_Sold = if (not isempty( Inventory to ItemsSold_byItemID::itemID), 1, 0).

This basically checks for any records in the Sold table.

However, a more typical data model consists of Products, Receipts/Adjustments, PartsSold. Then calc Qty on Hand thru relationships from Products. That is, Qty on Hand = Receipts - PartsSold.

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