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Display Open Cases in Portal

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I am creating a CRM DBase, I have 2 Tables (Cases) and (User InterfaceTable). I need to create a relashiopship that shows all Open cases for each User when they log in.

I have a gUser field and a gCasestatus field in the User_Table, both are globals. And I have the same fields in the Cases table, both with "normal" data.

When I try to view the open case in a portal, nothing gets displayed even though both gUser and gCaseStatus fileds have the correct value.( "Admin" and "Open" are the 2 values.)

I have created a new user, ( User1 ) and for this user Open Cases DO get displayed.

Can anyone help please :)


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I would have a layout based on my User table that has a portal to "open" cases.

My open script would go to this layout, enter Find Mode, and set the field in Users, AccountName, to Get (AccountName) and Perform Find.

Now I'm on their user record.

How do you close a case? Seems like you have a radio button "Open" or "Closed". Yes?

Why not put gFilter above the portal and give it a value list of "Open" and "Closed". Then, the relationship from User to Cases would be by UserID and gFilter.

Then, the user can select to see either Open or Closed cases.

You can set gFilter to "Open" in your startup script.



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