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Hi All,

I have a database that tracks sales per sales person per year. All records per company are in a specific "year" field. I have built the first sales person to say If(Year = "2008" and Salesperson = "Brian"; Cost;" "). Now I have create that same field for each year (also adding summary fields per item able to be sold (approx 10) which comes to about 10-15 fields per salesperson (5) per year. Is there an easier way to get this information without having to build all these fields? I am creating a summary Report that will show per sales person, per year, a breakdown of all their sales for that year. Thank you in advance for any help!

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Let's say you have a table with these fields:

Year, Salesperson, Item, Cost

Make a summary field for total of Cost.

Make a layout with subsummary parts for Year, Salesperson, and Item, sorting in that order as well.

Put the summary field on each part.

All done.

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