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User Specific Layouts

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Hi everyone. I have searched around the forum for an answer to this, but been relatively unsuccessful. If anyone knows of a thread or if I am searching for the wrong terms, I would be very grateful if you could direct me to the right place!!

Essentially what I am trying to do is as follows:

I have a helpdesk log (among many other tables that would link into this) which allows any user to raise an issue and allocate it to a department awaiting resolution.

The table has the following fields (simplified):B

- Account Name (which is essentially the department raising the log)

- Allocated To (who is to resolve the log)

- Issue (problem stated to be dealt with)

What I need is a layout where depending on who logs in, it will show all the content that has been allocated to that person.

However, since there are multiple other tables that I would also be extracting data from - other places where jobs pending resolution can be allocated from (eg missing cash values etc) I need an entire interface that is essentially user specific. It will hence always have the same sections (perhaps by tabs?) but depending on who is logged in it will only show jobs relevant to that person. The thing is, sometimes, as is the case for cash values, it isn't logged to a particular person.

Let me explain this a bit better: If for example the logistics department reconcile a set of machines and there is money missing in one of them, this would get automatically flagged up in the interface pertaining to the Department Manager - who would have to approve the missing cash or carry forward an investigation.

I realise this may have been a rather confusing explanation, but I'm hoping someone will understand and can shed some light on it!

Thanks in advance,

Jason V.

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First it techniocally would be possible to have user specific layouts, but in reading your post, it sounds like you need to research 'filtered portals'.

I use a 'dashboard' for the main menu of many of my solutions and each user sees their own 'tasks' and 'user' specifc data.

i think you need to focus on rendering the data in context of the 'Current User' as opposed to creating additional layouts for each user.

I may also look into using a tabbed interface and 'hiding' the FileMaker tab controls. using the filtered portal technique you can give certian users access to certian tabs.

Technically you may have a five tab layout, but some users will see one, others may have more. I use this technique for 'admin' functions on many of my solutions.

Honza with 24usoftware had a simple tab control example on his website which may get you started...

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