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Rollback/Commit in FileMaker script?

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Does anyone know of a way to implement rollback/commit type transactions in FileMaker with a client script? Any 3rd party plug-ins or anything?

I have a complicated script that touches 3 tables and takes a "while" (several minutes) to run, but gets run many times a night. The problem is, if one of the Client machine's Internet connection goes down, or if one of the client machines crashes while running the code, only part of the process is completed, leaving the data in a mess that takes hours to identify and fix. It won't rollback on its own it seems.

A perfect (in my mind) solution would be to begin a transaction at the start of my script and commit it at the end, assuming that the server would rollback anything not committed should the client disconnect without committing. Is this too much to ask?

Any other ideas?

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My first thought is can this be a server script rather than a client-run script?

Then, I thought of WorldSync's product, FM DataGuard

Finally, Todd Geist has proposed a transaction model. Transaction in FM (Subscription required).

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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

I ran across fmDataGuard when researching this issue and was wondering if it would solve the problem. My initial reaction was that we shouldn't have to pay extra to ensure that our database won't get corrupted through normal wear and tear (i.e., it won't handle client interruptions gracefully out of the box).

As it stands, they are waiting on my recommendation. Does anyone have any experience with this product? Is it recommended?

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