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Portal problem

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Hi all,

First post here.

I have an invoice table that works fine, buy what I want is a complete list of all invoices that have been created, with InvoiceID, InvoiceDate, InvoiceName, InvoiceTotal, InvoicePaid and InvoiceBalance as the headings. The list could potential be hundreds of invoices so would need to be able to scroll thru or maybe select by start and end date.

I don't know whether I should use a portal or the way to accomplish this.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Welcome to the Forum.

You can use either a portal or a list view. You have more functionality using a list view, but, it would depend on what you want to do with the list. If you will be using this to print reports, etc. then a list view is the way to go. Since you are saying there will be hundreds of records a list is easier to sort and you can have groupings (by Client or date or amount, etc.) that cannot be accomplished by a portal.


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