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Hi: I have a list of energy consumption records by address. The utility that supplied the data had to manually pull each record one by one from their 'database'. If two individuals shared one account, the record is repeated.

So, I have a 500,000 row table with some records with identical addresses and identical consumption amounts.

I posted on an excel forum and a nice member was kind enough to provide the following function:


It worked, but the file would not save for whatever reason. Tried twice, so, I've converted the file to FMPro and was looking for help with an equivalent calculation in FMPro

I need to separate the duplicates (to then delete them)?

It's sorted by address then consumption. The logic is...

if the address value in column A repeats and the consumption field in column B also repeats, then...(place a marker in column C so I can sort and delete)



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I would define a calculation field as a concatenation of address and consumption. Then sort by this field, and export the records grouped by the same calc field.

There are other methods, but this is quite fast, and with 500k records I would want to start fresh with clean data anyway.

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