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zero found count and scripted sorts

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It appears there is a change with 10 that I discovered when running a script.

In a list view layout with header / body / grand summary / footer, the grand summary will stretch to fill the gap between the header and footer depending on how many body rows there are.

If you omit all records from the found set all you will see is the header / grand summary / footer.

In this space I have used either a field or web viewer - calculated to show record count or "End of List" or "No Records Found" occasionally add a button. As i don't mind the user landing on a list with zero found.

However in 10 it appears that the sort operation is evaluated even when the found count is zero, the result is that all body parts are blanked (WHITE)

The quick fix is to wrap the SORT step with If [ Get(FoundCount) ] to exclude the sort step when no records are found preserving the grand summary.

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