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Sanity check with Saved Finds in files created pre-10

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This is the behavior I've seen reported to expect when updating files created in pre-10 versions that have Custom Menus which are missing new features, like Saved Finds.

"1.2. To add new custom menu items such as Saved Finds to menu sets created in versions prior to FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced, create a new custom menu and add the new menu item from the list ofstandard FileMaker menus in the Create Custom Menu dialog box."

However, what I'm experiencing is that even if I create a blank, new menu item, [saved Finds] is not available for selection as a Sub Menu item. [saved Finds] isn't in the list of menu items, period.

If I create a new file in 10, of course, the [saved Finds] default menu item is loaded below [Product Documentation] and is selectable.

Anyone want to confirm that for me? Using 10 Advanced.



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Thanks, Steven - but the item I quote above is FROM kb 6839. My point is that what I'm experiencing doesn't conform to the KB description of what the behavior should be -namely that for pre-10 files there's a way to retroactively add in Saved Finds to custom menus.

I can't do it (reasons why should be evident in screenshots), and want to know if anyone else is experiencing this problem. I'm wondering if it's because I previously had an ETS version installed, and some library or another didn't get updated when I installed the official release.

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I'm seeing identical behavior on clean installs on two other machines, Vista and OSX.

Unless by "every last vestige" you mean "every last vestige of FileMaker 7, 8 and 9". The Vista machine has a 9 install, the second OSX has 8.5 and 9.

I guess I'd just like confirmation from someone that they CAN do this: Add a [saved Find] submenu to a custom menu in a file created in an earlier version of FileMaker.

Could someone confirm this for me? And if you can do it, show me. Someone substituted my smart pills for dumb pills this morning.

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Hi Colin.

I am on XP Pro SP2 and I can add it no problem. I am more than sure that you have already tried this as per the KB 6839 article, but here is exactly step by step that I did.

Tools --> Custom Menu --> Manage Custom Menus

Under Custom Menus Tabs

Select Create

Select Start with a standard FileMaker menu. Scroll down. [saved Finds] should be the last option on the list.

Once added it should now be available to put into a Menu Set under the 'Menu Sets' tab.

I havent tested on the Mac, but it works for my old 9 files.

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Yep, that works. Thanks, John!

It takes close reading (to me anyway) to realize that the [saved Find] is added only in this way, not by "Start with an Empty Menu" or "Start with a Standard FileMaker Menu", then customize it to add a Saved Find.

It's also not something I would expect in this menu, since it doesn't appear in this list in a 10 native file, and is properly a SubMenu. Create a file from scratch in 10, follow the same instructions above, and see what I mean. Saved Find won't appear in this dialog.

What's more, once you select Saved Find in a 9 file and add it to your menu list, it disappears from this dialog. That doesn't happen with View, Records etc, because, unlike Saved Find, they really are Standard FileMaker Menus.

I guess I don't care that it feels like this was shoehorned in for backwards compatibility, as long as I know how to do it - it's far better than not being able to do it at all :

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Yeah really they should have just added the [] items to the ones that already exist but I guess they had a good reason to do it this way. :

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You do have to remove all vestiges of any prior version.


Hi Steven,

By this, do you mean removing any pre-FM 10/11 preference files from the system, or do you mean removing any vestiges of prior versions from the file itself?

I have a client who recently upgraded from 8.5 to 11. I am able to create menus with Saved Find submenus within them but in practice they are always greyed out. Even the toolbar button is unavailable. The toolbar is open and unlocked. Privilege set is set to allow All menu items, although of course I am using custom menu sets.

Is there anything I am missing here? I've read knowledgebase article 6839 but, since FMForums has changed its format since 2009, I cannot find your news item regarding Tech Info 6839.

I appreciate any guidance. Thanks!


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This topic is 3284 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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