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Help needed: Encoding problems w/ French characters

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One of our programmers made some updates to an old XSLT site that we inherited. The site is being used to enter ingredients in English and in French. The changes were programmed/tested in a development server, then moved to our live server. However, the French characters are not working properly in the live server but they do work in the development server. I've checked a ton of settings in the FMP server admin console and Apache. Has anyone ever run into this? Here are server specs:

Development servers:

FMP Server v9.0.2.151, running on Windows 2003 server

Apache v1, running on Mac 10.4.11 (not OS X server, Mac G5 Mirror tower)

Live servers:

FMP Server v9.0.3.325, running on Windows 2003 server

Apache v1, running on Mac 10.4.11 Server (Xserve)

We want to go live with these changes but I need to have the encoding working on the French characters. The exact same set of files are used on both web servers. Thanks for any help!

Jeff Abraham

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