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Sara H

Is lookup what I want?

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I need to create a layout that shows the total price for # of feet of dust control applied.

When a customer orders, their address record includes their county.

The price by foot in each county is different.

I'm trying to build an order/receipt page that shows:

# of feet x rate = total

I'd like to have that layout pull the county and automatically populate the rate for that county. Then I only need to put in the feet purchased and will have a calculated total.

Does that make sense? If so, how do I achieve it? I know it has to be relatively simple but so far I'm not getting there...

Thanks in advance.


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You should definitely lookup the rate, since rates change - and you don't want that to affect previous orders. You don't necessarily need to lookup the county, but it might be useful (for example, if a customer moves to another county and compares the rate with a previous order).

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