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mask credit card number

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I wanted to know if anyone new how to achieve the following:

1. only show credit card fields when "CC" is chosen from payment type

2. upon CC fields displaying and entering data, the credit card number is masked as xxxxxxxxxxxx####

3. after entered, when clicking on the number field, a password prompt is displayed.

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1. this link will show you how: http://www.databasepros.com/FMPro?-DB=resources.fp5&-lay=cgi&-format=list.html&-FIND=+&resource_id=DBPros000743

2. You could have a calculated field laid on top of the numeric input field. Calculated field would replace all but the last four digits of the CC field with "x". Set CC field to allow entry in browse mode. Set calculated field to NOT allow entry in browse mode.

3. Not sure about this one. If you were to upgrade to FileMaker 10 you might be able to use script triggers to handle this, but I'm not sure exactly how you would do that either.

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