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newbie license questions

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Sorry about the complete NEWB question and if I have posted in the wrong area :

Could somebody explain how filemaker's licensing works?

The main site talks about users and seats but for some reason I just don't get what the actual cost would be to me.

Here's what I am thinking.

Move a php/mysql (LAMP) based program to filemaker (reason ... development time and that I've been wanting to take up filemaker for quite a few years.)

The program I currently have been working on is a basically a project management setup with a few extras that are going to be increasing over the next 2 years.

End users will need access to either individual based apps on their machines or to the net.

I would like to eventually provide a portable iphone/pda solution.

Outside of development costs, what will this cost me in licensing?

(lolo, I hope I'm making sense )


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Assuming that the end users will be accessing the database with the FileMaker Pro client, you'll need 1 license of FileMaker Server and 1 license of FM Pro for each end user. While you're at it, get yourself a license of FMP Advanced.

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FMS has the ability to create Custom Web Pages via PHP, XML, XSLT. Technically, if you want a strict web interface you can do it just with FMS. I would at least get one copy of FMP Advanced tho.

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Never a need to apologize for asking a new user question. We all--except Wim--started at the beginning.

Generally speaking you need a license for FileMaker Server or FileMaker Server Advanced, whichever one you choose to use. And you need a license for each seat of FileMaker Pro you have installed.

FileMaker, Inc. offers a variety of Volume License arrangements that offer significant savings over the one-off Finished Good Unit (aka FMP in a box). Additionally, such licenses ofer ease of installation. VLA'sa re tiered based on teh number of seats ordered.

FMI offers specials from time to time, as they are doing now here. if you are in the USA or Canada you can call your Inside Sales Rep at 800-725-2747. If elsewhere, contact FMI in your respective country.



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