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Add recrod in related tables

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Hi all,

Am I missing something? Is there not a simple way to create a record in a related table when a record is created in the main table, without using scripts

So for example...

Main table is called Base

2nd table called Year1_Data

3rd Table called Year2_Data

Base is related to Year1_Data by StockID

Base is related to Year2_Data by StockID

When a user creates a new record in Base, can I automatically create a new record in Year1_Data and Year2_Data using the StockID field without using a script, just using the relationship?

(New records will be blank apart from stockID but that's perfect)

Many thanks


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Script triggers sound like the answer here, although you need to upgrade to FM10 first.

Strictly speaking this is a scripted routine, but can be executed without a button.

If you can't upgrade then have a look at the free DO SCRIPT plug-in from myfmbutler

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Thanks for your reply but not sure if ether are going to work.

The records to base are added via an ODBC connection from Excel so no actual access to the database takes place from the user.

Would a script trigger still take place?

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