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Equivalent feature of PHP Explode

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I'm breaking my brains over something that should be as easy as 123. I have a global text field where a user inputs a 'period-' or 'comma-' separated text in a custom dialog box. I then want to run a script that separates those values, eg. "456123.785412.255879.225788" and creates a new record for each of them.

I used PatternCount(text, ".")+1 to have a variable for the loop, but how do I extract the actual values? As php explode and a while loop would do...

Help appreciated.

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Set variable ( $values ; Substitute ( global text field ; [ "." ; ¶ ] ; [ "," ; ¶ ] ) ]


Exit Loop if [ IsEmpty ( $values ) ]

New Record/Request

Set field [ yourTable::yourField ; GetValue ( $values ; 1 ) ]

Set variable [ $values ; RightValues ( $values ; ValueCount ( $values ) - 1 ) ]

End Loop

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