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How Layouts show records from Table Occurrences

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Is it possible to display in a list view layout a restricted number of records without having to do a find first?

For example (attached) I have one base table called Data, and for the sake of simplicity it has one field, an ID field. There's 20 records, and they range from 1 to 20. And there's a global field called g_Ten, with the value "10"

I have a table occurrence called AllData and a table occurrence called LowData. It's a self-join and the relationship graph I have the equation LowData:ID < AllData:g_Ten

Layout 1 shows records from AllData. Layout 2 is set to show records from LowData. I expected that this would mean Layout 2 would only show me records with ID values from 1 to 9, but instead is shows me all 20 records.

Can someone explain how to get this desired result? I don't want to use portals in this particular solution. I'd rather not have to do a find first and then go to Layout 2. But if that is the proper solution I will follow it.

If it helps to understand the issue here's the real purpose for the question. I have a database watching project progress through a system. It has a Status field, and as a certain task is completed the Status is changed to a higher number. I wish to have a layout that shows, in list form the projects with status 1, a layout for status 2 etc. I don't want to use the same layout and do a simple find because users need to see different things about the project as it goes from one phase to the next.

many thanks,


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No. Layouts are based on the underlying table occurrence, not found records. You can have a button script the entire process.

If you upgrade to FMP10, you can use script triggers to perform the find for you when you enter a particular layout.

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Thanks for the reply John. I will script some buttons and start navigating with them.

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