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Accessing DB on handheld computers

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Hi all

I hope someone can provide some insight into my problem. A bit of background first. I am developing a DB for an urban search and rescue operation. We are barcoding all of our equipment and using a database to track, sign in/out, create reports etc (all that fun!). When we are in the field, we want to be able to use handheld computers with a barcode scanner to perform tasks (sign out/in, find location of tool or item). Since we work in disaster zones, we can't rely on cell signals, so we need to host our own network (we have access point hardware). Most handhelds run Windows Mobile or CE. I have been told that using SQL and IIS web server would be the best option. I am familiar with FM, but not so much with web publishing/hosting.

If anyone could provide some insight, it would be much appreciated, and you would get the satisfaction of helping a national urban search and rescue operation.



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