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Excluding records from value lists

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Howdy all,

I created a value list from my table of Product Types. One of the Types was used in the past but now we use different classifications to describe products of that nature. I need to leave the record of the old type in the table because I don't want to change history. However, when my user is entering data I don't want to give them the option of the old type.

Basically, I have a table of 12 records and I want the value list to show only 11 of them.

I'm thinking some sort of Relational Value list but I'm not sure how to pull that off since the criteria for exclusion does not exist in another table.

Anyone have an idea?

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I would probably have a flag field ( boolean ) in the products table for active. Then you can either create a relationship based on this flag field to a constant field ( calc just returning 1 ). Now when you based your value list off this relationship, it should only return the active records.


You can create a calc in the products table as such:

Case ( ActiveFlg; ProductName )

Then base your value list off of this new calc field.

BTW I dont know if you are using text or keys.

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