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Need Help with Charting various dates

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I am making a medical DB and was interested in charting a series of data points with a number of Dates over several years where the interval between consecutive dates is not the same (ie. Jan 1, 2000 then March 6, 2003 then Sept. 9, 2003 then Dec 8, 2008 etc) and these would be on the X axis and corresponding numeric data point on the Y axis representing a Lab value. Can this be done in FusionCharts? Does it need xmCharts? It seems that FusionCharts needs dates of equal time between dates such as consecutive months. Thanks a bunch in advance...

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You can create a chart in FusionCharts Free using any series of labels and values. The important thing is that each of the values in the series line up to each other. In other words, each X-axis label requires a corresponding value.

Does this answer the question? You can check out the documentation for FusionCharts here: http://www.fusioncharts.com/Filemaker/Docs.asp.

You can go through one of the examples and change the data to reflect your own.

It's probably the easiest free option I've seen because it allows you to pass all the data and settings through the url.

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